Christmas Gift Ideas

On the chase for Christmas gift ideas?  We've got this!  As we've carefully picked out the gems from the list of best sellers for you!  Whether it's for her, for him or your BFF, you want to make it a memorable one, something to impress them with amazement.  More importantly, something they can hold onto everyday.




Snowy Sparkle Cases - For those who love to shine, outgoing and doesn't mind a little too much delicacy.  Comes in 5 different shades: Magical (Pink), Gold dust, Midnight, Confetti & Silvery.

Showcasing a phone case with glitter for christmas



Christmas Greeting Case - Who said you can't add some fun to your phone case.. or maybe a little f word too.  This ones an exclusive product only sold in Casebubble.

Best Quality Guaranteed!




Little Olive Case - You can't miss out little Olive if you were to consider a cute Christmas gift this year!  Get in the spirit already!


Classic Sweater Case - It's ugly and very classic.. but guess what? It is the character and mood for the party!



Floating App Icons Case - Yeah we know this isn't quite a Christmas thing but it sure is hella cool!  What else can you do for just USD 9.78?

iPhone app icons


There's more to love!  If you'd like to view more Christmas gift ideas, click here!


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