iPhone XS vs XR | Everything you have to know!

New iPhone XS vs XR

The new iPhone XS and XR and what you should know!


What makes the new iPhones stand out from it's competitors? Isn't it just as great as an iPhone X? Well.. here's what you need to know about the new iPhones! 

The new iPhone XS and XR is finally on the market! If you don't already know, the XR is the less pricier option than the iPhone X, whilst the XS is the leader of the party. Let's take a look at the exterior! First noticable difference is that the XR has the larger 6.1" LCD screen, and the XS has the 5.8" OLED display similar to the former iPhone X but with a beautiful aspect ratio of 19.5:9. Yet Apple offers a selection of the XS model known as the XS max with a massive display. The iPhone XR is a beauty but it does however lacks the dual lens camera that the X already has. There are a diversity of vivid colours to choose from for the iPhone XR including Black, Blue, Coral (peach), Red, White and Yellow. iPhone XS carries only gold, silver along with space grey.

It operates the new IOS 12.0, which means that it comes with a bunch of cool and enjoyable features! From the upgraded control center to the newly designed app store! There is no doubt that the new IOS is a refreshing change! The new XS's and XR also comes with dual sim card slots which makes it more convenient for travellers compared to the previous iPhone X.

If you're a photography geek, you're definitely going to love some of the camera natures of the iPhone XS. It's got an intense dual 12 MP camera lens to start off while the XR has a single 12 MP camera. 10x digital zoom and 2x optical zoom on the XS and only a 5x digital zoom on the XR. Doesn't sound like a notable difference but the true optical zoom lens is what produces better-quality images and i'd have to say, you'll be able to tell difference when you compare them in person. Both iPhone XS and XR are still awesome and easy-to-use as the auto flash, face detection, touch-to-focus, continuous shooting, burst mode, retina flash, exposure compensation and ISO control features all are fundamental in both models! The built-in 7 MP front camera comes standard as well! 1920x1080 at 30 fps video recording are available on all devices plus optical image stabilization! Phase detection (AF) is another superb feature only available on the XS models.

Battery capacity wise, the previous iPhone X is able to hold 2716 mAh while the XR holds a portion more at 2942 mAh! The higher class iPhone XS however only holds 2658, but you really can't complain when it's got the massive 4GB Ram! That's 1GB more than that of the XR and the original X. The iPhone XR does have the same high-performance Hexa-core as the previous iPhone X.

The good thing about them is that no matter which phone you choose, they all share tons of other functions that we all expect to impress our daily lives, namely: 4G network support, mobile hotspot, GPS, eSim, water resistance, iTunes Store, FaceTime, Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, Built-in Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope, Lightning audio jack support.  It also allows quick charging and is compatible with our Wireless portable power bank charger.

The new anticipated iPhones are remarkable phones all in all.  Most people say that the 5.8" are the perfect size that won't be too bulky.  Everybody loves a sleek flagship phone, but it's best to determine the one that is most adapted to your typical needs.  I'd recommend the iPhone XR if you're mostly using it for casual gaming, social media or if you're on a budget.  For a more serious gaming, filming or photography experience, go with the iPhone XS or even the XS Max for the finest adventure.  It's not a 10 or 50 cent choice, thereore it's also crucial to view them personally to have a better understanding before purchasing one!

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