The Phone Case Evolution

How The Phone Case Gained It's Demand


What happens if you've lost your phone for a little while?  Does it at all affect your behavior for the upcoming 15 minutes?  Studies have shown that our average time spent on mobile phone usage is about 4 years of our lifetime!  Insane right?  It's the duration of obtaining your college/uni degree from the moment you've enrolled.


Over the years of telecommunication growth and improvement, mobile phones has impressed us with never-ending features and designs!  It replaces big bulky wallets with mobile payments and digital wallets.  And for some, it even eliminates the use of household keys!  All you really needed to bring with you is your mobile phone! 


When the first smartphones came out, everyone was obsessed and always wanted the latest model.  With only one to just several color options to choose from, literally everyone on the streets was holding similar designs.  Even teens have gotten their hands on the latest iPhone!  But does youngsters really wanted a smartphone that looks just like their uncles?  It was at that time, phone cases started to widely interest the public with thousands of designs.  We were particularly selling plain protective cases, leather cases and printed ones.  With the massive needs for phone cases, it's reasonable for this industry to eventually grow.  Not only does it plays such a significant role in fashion and design, it also represents the characteristics of yourself.  Today, phone cases have evolved into high class luxury design, double-layered personalized cases, liquid quicksand as well as indestructible phone cases just like the Magnetic Innovative casePhone cases also changes your mood, my best friend Chloe brings out a different phone case every time we hangout, she told me has 8 phone cases to choose from every morning and it has to be a different one everyday!  Well i thought she's had a new phone every time we meet, but it kind of explains how these cases fits so well in the fashion industry.  We're expecting this trend to climb steadily as long as new phone models are released! 


Phone and wallet

May 26th, 2016

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