Why Do People Love Cyber Mondays?

Cyber Monday is the busiest shopping day the Monday right after Thanksgiving. The name was first used in 2005 with big online merchandisers offering massive sale and discounts.  However, we'll show you why people love it better than Black Fridays!


Skip the long lines!

We've been to Black Friday sales events, we all know the procedures.. arrive hours earlier than everybody else, fight your way through the crowd to get that on sale item, then ofcourse you wait in the long checkout queue. With all that time and effort spent you probably could've made yourself a sandwich..eh hum i mean shop online. You can shop Cyber Monday deals from your bed, your work, your couch, in minutes and there's just no need to stand for hours! But you've gotta act quick because that on sale tag might only last for minutes before it's a sold out tag.


Deeper discounts on Cyber Mondays!  

Falling on the Monday right after Black Friday, retailers usually mark down some products even more than it already was on Black Friday!  If a merchant stocked up on a product for Black Friday and it didn’t sell as well as anticipated, there's usually a much better discount on Cyber Monday.  Be sure to look out for those products as they are probably the best deal of the year!


Compare side by side

With the convenience of mobile and online shopping, Cyber Mondays let's you open up as many tabs as you like and look for the best deals. The only limit is yourself!  Get shopping now!

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