Power of High Heels iPhone case

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The power of high-heels creation compounded with a plain powdery background that amplifies the fine graphics.  What makes high-heels so appealing? Some said that it's confidence and attention, or more culturally in-grained, and some even say that it signifies strength.  Whichever reasons that we've chosen to love about heels, it's important to know that they play a huge role in our daily lives!  These stunning cases are true display of fashion and art that will prevent your iPhone from looking dull!  Hurry before it gets sold out!  Available for iPhone X models!

Best QualityQuality       Every product has been thoroughly examined by our QC team. We've chosen the best TPU standard material for our cases to maintain proper strength, elasticity and transparency. Casebubble ensures 100% customer satisfaction!


ProtectionProtection       Fully covers your phone at all corners, as well as a lip edging that secures the screen from flat surface impact. 

DesignDesign       Not only does Casebubble presents durability products, it is also crucial that Designers develop new ideas and styles that could last. From generating ideas to commercialization, we've selected designs that suits you!

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